-- go to chicago. i recently ran this one by my mom and she seemed unconvinced. she gave me a quizzical look and said "what do you want to do in chicago?" when i told her it was mainly because i wanted to try five guys she shot back an even stranger look. has she yet to learn that i make decisions based on food?
-- go to lake of the ozarks. and eat at five guys in columbus, mo on the way. guess whose idea that was? hint: not mine. but i suppose i can sacrifice!
-- eat a macaroon. if you have the memory of a clark's nutcracker bird you'll recall this is carried over from last year's bucket list. i failed! macaroons are a rarity in these midwestern parts!
-- go to the state fair. i missed it last year for the first time in, oh, probably 18 years :) due to RA training. our semester starts a week later this fall so i'm hoping i can make it. i am feeling extremely junk-food-on-a-stick deprived!
is it just me or is there a pattern forming here? hmm..
-- release a floaty lantern into the sky.
-- go thrifting.
-- read at least 3 novels.
-- volunteer. somewhere. for something. the details have yet to be determined. maybe find a place to continue practicing my spanish?
-- train for a 5k. 
-- read that digital photography for dummies book sitting on our bookshelf. i'd love to improve my photography skills {or have any skills in photography at all, for that matter} but it just looks b o r i n g.
-- put my pinterest "good grub" board and new yucatecan cookbook to good use.
-- watch fireworks with a boy. even if it is just the cute kiddos i babysit on fourth of july because their parents have more of a social life than i do. ;) hey, it works! and does this one make me sound 14, or what? i think i have fireworks issues. ha.
-- explore my town's neighboring cities from a tourist's point of view.
-- surprise someone.
-- go on a picnic. and i'm not talkin' a go-buy-sub-sandwiches-and-eat-them-in-nature picnic. i'm talkin' a picnic, with a cute basket, red-checkered blanket, the works.
-- try indian food.
-- go on a bike ride. also in nature. probs with the fam. wait, do my sisters even own bikes?
-- try yoga.
-- take mini road-trips to visit friends. because heaven forbid i wait all summer to see them.
-- get a killer tan.


what's on your summer of 2013 bucket list? am i missing anything? 


  1. Great list! I got a picnic basket for my birthday last year, and I was SO stoked! There will definitely be picnics involved in my summer too :)

    1. I cannot wait! It's such a simple yet fun way to spend a warm summer afternoon. Now all I need to do is round up some supplies... and a menu! What are your favorite foods to take along?