methods to getting through THAT class

you know the one.
it's the most drab of topics, at the most inconvenient of times, and it takes all your might and then some to refrain from passing out and drooling all over the place and/or throwing up your notebooks + pencils + papers in dramatic despair and marching out. 
fortunately i've found a few methods over the years to cope with the heinousness of it all. ;) those being:

+ make checklists. shopping lists, homework to-dos, souvenir lists, places i still want to visit, you name it, it's checklist make-able.
+ sleep with my eyes open.
+ day dream about ice cream/paradise/names of my future babies.
+ write blog posts.
+ make note that the majority of the dudes in class are clean shaven and baby-faced. count them. it's 9/10 to be exact.
+ apply chapstick. *spongebob voice* five minutes later. reapply chapstick.
+ doodle.
+ pick off recently-applied nail polish.
+ blink, blink, blink because my contacts are dryin' up.
+ realize there are still 20 minutes of class left and repeat the process.

how do you survive that class?

1 comment:

  1. haha! i read this literally right after my least favorite class. ugh. that class is the worst. And I am definitely guilty of a lot of these (especially the nail polish/day dreaming/list making).