thirteen thoughts for thursday

1. i pass by this vehicle every day on my way home for lunch - such a nice little reminder that seems to find me when i need it the most. and in spanish! how fun is that?
2. my family arrives in merida one month from today! one month. 30 days. 4 weeks. no matter how you put it, it's sounding pretty darn good right about now. {i also worry that this may be the longest 1 month/30 days/4 weeks of my life?}
3. there was a couple camped outside of starbucks this morning {and i know this because the central house is (oh so inconveniently) located right next to starbucks, not because i made a pit stop there this morning for breakfast. i mean... ;)} in a giant VW van. literally camped. as in every window and ventilation mechanism was propped open, resembling a large pop-up camper, and i observed the pair roll out of bed (vehicle?), straighten their clothes, fix their hair in the window reflection, and be on their way. classy.
4. the temperatures are peaking to about 100 degrees on a daily basis, and therefore i will have spent my thursday at two different coffee shops before the day is done, because i learned the hard way that once it hits about 92 degrees i turn into a big worthless lump of all sorts of dysfunctional.
5. i went on a 12 mile bike ride last night and holymamajama i am s o r e.
6. with the recent news that i have been rehired as an RA for the 2013-2014 school year {and in my building of choice - double squeal} my brain has shifted into full-on dorm room/hall theme/program idea mode. decorations! team bonding! i live for this stuff!
7. negative energy is exhausting. i'm learning that intentionally surrounding myself with those that only and always make me smile is important.
8. i often find myself day dreaming about my future. about mommyhood and wifehood and jobhood. and how, while i'm anxious to arrive in those "hoods," i know i need to cherish the here and now. it's tricky sometimes.
9. have i mentioned that i found my wedding dress here in merida? ;) yes, yes, it's simply propped in the window of a dress shop in my neighborhood, calling out to me in a desperate, you-know-i'm-your-soul-dress-just-stop-in-and-take-a-gander! sort of tune. but i can't. i mustn't! because i know i'll fall in love! and i figure i should prooobably find myself a groom to fall in love with, first... maybe just slightly important? hrmph. details shmetails. but that dress is mine.
10. my toes need a-sprucin'. mani-pedi party, anyone?
11. pencils, batteries, shampoo & conditioner {they ran out at the same time this time! this never happens! i am thrilled!} -- today's shopping list.
12. i may or may not be double-posting today. depends on how big of a procrastinator i turn into. :) ...and in that case, knowing me, you could probably expect like 4 or 5. but i'll spare you!
13. i can't help but smile every time i look at this picture:
that face! i die! one more month until i can attack that furball with cuddles and kisses.

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