today i'm linking up with lauren at pink on the cheek and carly at lipgloss and crayons to show you 
what's in my purse!
 i  santa purchased this cross-body bag from target this past winter. it isn't the trendiest of satchels, but i wanted something durable that i could throw over my shoulder, lug around the city, and big enough to carry my book/camera/etc. when we go on excursions during my time abroad. and boy, this bag does the trick!

so what does she carry in that large bag of mystery and magic, you wonder?
i'll show you!

emergency hair supplies -- which, i haven't needed to fall back on as much down south here. humidity does wonders do my usually flat & stringy hair

hand sanitizer -- two words: public transportation

iPod & headphones -- so that one direction can serenade me where'er i go AND because my ipod doubles as my cell phone right now, so it pretty much never leaves my sight

chapstick & visine -- keeping all of my sensory organs moist on the go
(and my eyes are the crabbiest! once about four o'clock rolls around my contacts poke and burn, screaming to be taken out. it's like clockwork!)

house keys -- i've only locked myself out once! *fist bump*

vera bradley wallet/iPod case

mini notebook to record spanish words whilst out-and-about and for my constant list-making

gum -- i've graduated to the chiclets species because the regular wrapped pieces melt in the heat

pesos & the funnest (and most "unique" ;) coin purse i purchased for a dollar from the downright cutest little boy at the grand plaza last month. i originally said no, gracias but my heart couldn't take those puppy dog eyes and that sweet little spanish voice of his! sigh. 
and plus, i had been saying i needed a coin purse! coca and i were meant to be.

what's in your purse? 
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  1. I saw that bag at my local Target. I thought about getting one like it, but I like for my bags to zip. The bag I posted today came from Target but the zipper isn't working properly. I've only had the purse a couple weeks max. :/

  2. Found you from the purse link up! I think your bag is actually really cute!!