oh! oh!

is this stuck in your head now? good. feel my pain! misery loves company! [MUAHAHA!]

connection: my sister once retweeted a sloth twitter account [...i know. don't ask questions.] that said "now i'm slothin' on the cold hard ground!" and it happened to be right after i learned that sloths only grace the ground with their presence once every two or so weeks to do their erm, yanno, "business," so i shared the fact with little j and she was less than impressed. i think it ruined the sloth meets t-swift mash-up for her.

so anyways.

this lovely april 5-7 weekend of mine has been dedicated to sloths. the cugliest creature known to man.

[cute + ugly = "cugly"]
because sometimes there's just no other way to describe things?

i'm writing a research paper about sloths for my tropical ecology class, and while i'm typically anti-research papers [i mean they're not too difficult but time consuming and boooring as all get out, let's be real!], i have to admit, i'm diggin' this sloth topic. the slow little dudes are actually quite fascinating! and hideously adorable to look at.

i may have taken a break or two to go see a couple movies [jack and the giant slayer - verdict: bogus. but i got caramel popcorn so i was satisfied. + g.i. joe: retaliation - verdict: i couldn't tell you anything about the plot because i was too wrapped up in the DROOL-WORTHY CAST ehem dwayne johnson + bruce willis + channing tatum + that new hottie kid who no one has ever heard of before. so i'll give it two point five stars? out of four, of course] and consume my body weight in pasta, paninis, and a mocha oreo frappe [just soak that one in for a minute. mocha. oreo. frappe. to die for.

we "sprung [sprang? no bother.] forward" an hour this morning and merida and iowa are finally frolicking through time together as a synchronized pair of love and happiness, and my skype dates and texting times are back to normal, at last! i never would have imagined one little hour could be such a pain. thank goodness i'm not in spain! but now i have an extra hour's worth of sloth researching/facebook stalking/blog reading to make up for. it's back to work i go.

while i'm out, enjoy this cugly sloth video my sister introduced me to.
she's weirdly obsessed with sloths?

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