what these last few days have looked like courtesy of a blackberry camera.
non-stop bruiser cuddles.
the loveliest.
so shoot! 
it's monday already.
which really means nothing for me since it's summer and i'm doing the exact same thing i do on saturdays and sundays [a.k.a. nothing] but i'm thoughtful and understanding and feel your monday pain, so i'll sympathize with you all :) 
which also means it's been over a week since you've last heard from me and i'm feeling horribly guilty.
i [apparently] took an unintentional blog break last week while my family was with me in mexico [details to come, i promise!] and as we headed back to the U.S. on thursday. i've spent the last few days adjusting to life back in the states [which has thrown me for a bigger loop than i ever anticipated, more on that later!] and coping with the welcome-back gift united statesian bacteria threw at me called REVERSE TRAVELER'S BUG [i'm not actually sure if it's called that because I DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE IT EXISTED! and no more on that later because hello! tmi! already!]. so i've been temporarily knocked on my tush, left to only fantasize about all of the U.S. shopping/driving/exploring/eating i want to do when i return to tip-top condition. 
my fingers are crossed that tomorrow my creative and witty blogging motivation is back so i can fill you in on this past week. until then, i'm going to sit here like a lump on a log and continue getting caught up on the trashy american television i missed out on while i was away. the real housewives of orange county, anyone? just when i think these women can't get any more plastic... or dumb. i mean when gretchen calls her boyfriend at work [okay, but props to deadbeat slade for finally getting a job] because she can't figure out how to make coffee? on her keurig!? people! 
enjoy the rest of your monday! if that's possible. [i joke! it is,of course! so do it!]

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