it's that time of year again!
warning: do not let these colorful and festive photos fool you!
this past week has been the soggiest, gloomiest week. it has been storming nonstop since friday evening and is expected to continue raining until this next sunday, a whole solid week of rain droplets cascading from the sky! 
now, for a few random not-overly-exciting occurrences that have taken place over these past couple of weeks...

-- i started a new summer job! i'm working at the java lounge, a local coffee shop in town. getting paid to make coffee? don't have to ask me twice.

-- michelle has been dominating the soccer field. her team just wrapped up their season in tonight's regional game where they really held their own. it was so special to watch her grow and improve more and more with each game. i'm so proud of my little athlete!

-- jenna has been running to and fro between dance practices in preparation for her big recital next week, jazz band practices and try outs (she made it!), soccer, and hanging out with friends. aaand being michelle's biggest cheerleader. :)

-- i'm attempting to eat cleaner and incorporate better habits into my food routine (especially snacking! i am a snacker. i prefer the term "grazer," however). i'm trying to go for the raw veggies and hummus instead of the chips and leftover easter candy, and it's hard! what's your take on hummus? what do you eat it with? any other healthy snack suggestions that don't taste healthy? ;) sigh. ew. 

-- i had my first encounter with united statesianized mexican food after returning from my four month stint in mexico. my mom and i went to carlos o'kelly's last week. i admit, i was an authenticity snob. (not out loud, of course! but i did openly shoot looks that could kill at the drunken slob of a girl across the aisle who kept man belching. we were in a family restaurant! it was 8 pm! i mean, get yourself together woman and let me enjoy my beans and queso in peace).

-- i finally found a chambray shirt that agrees with my measurements. now that it's too hot out and they're no longer in style. :) like that's ever stopped me before!

despite the rain, there's a little ray of sunshine amongst the clouds this week -- tomorrow is my 20th birthday! my plans thus far consist of spending time with my family - the people who mean the most to me -and i wouldn't have it any other way. nothing else matters. i can't wait!

if you're enduring this string of storms, stay dry! if not, send some warmth and sunshine my way. :) happy tuesday! 

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