i have never been one for wedges. ever. until last week, that is, while i was aimlessly wandering around target, on a mission to give my mom birthday gift ideas (and failing miserably, leaving her just as clueless as she was to begin with, if not more), signs sent straight from the shoe gods were pointing me in the direction of the shoe department, with a beaming spotlight aimed directly at the most perfect pair of wedges i'd ever laid eyes on (see wedge #4 in diagram below! #4! soulmate wedge, as it prefers to be called). it was love at first sight. and i fell head over wedge (buh-dum-chh). ever since this run-in with soulmate wedge, my curiosity has been piqued and my mind has been wandering, exploring all of the things wedge world has to offer.

i have yet to invest in a pair of wedges, for i am still debating whether i am trendy and/or agile enough to pull something like this off (and i live in small town iowa, people, and let's be honest, wedges aren't really apart of our every-day attire), but if i were (...to invest in a pair, that is), i'd go for something like this...

1 || i saw these babies at the mall in the flesh, and oh, let me tell you, they were serenading me something sweet. i may end up making them my own. that splash of neon screams summer and tan and beach and popsicles!
2 || while these are the opposite of summer-y, they're perfect for date night. if i ever were to have one. *giggle*. something about these says cat woman to me? did that just ruin it for you? date night, i'm tellin' ya!
3 || tribal.
4 || sigh, soulmate wedges. i'm a big fan of the upcoming black + tan trend. it goes with everything! what more could one want?
5 || i thought i'd throw some color in the mix (i am a neutral enthusiast) and liked the subtle peach mixed in with the black and cork.

i must admit, the one thing i like about wedges is that they bump up snazz factor like a regular pair of heels would but are so much easier to walk in, and therefore, more comfortable! and we all know i'm built for comfort, not for speed.

onto our next subject up for debate, what's your take on wedge sneakers? i'm a thumbs down on this one. but! as proven above, i'm easily swayed. i read s o m e w h e r e (as if i could ever remember, but i promise it was a trustworthy source) not to spend money on a pair because they're headed "out" as fast as they came "in." 
i never really considered them to be "in" in the first place, but you know...

guys! it's friday! HAVE A LOVELY ONE and ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND. i'll be back in a snap to fill you in on birthday festivities, my feelings on entering old fartdom, and mexico biz (ha, nope! not off the hook yet with that one). okay bye for real this time.

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