on thursday. i know. in my defense, i started this post yesterday. er, started thinking about this post yesterday. hmph. you know how that goes! however, magnificent things have taken/are taking place this week and it must be documented. i shan't wait any longer! 

- my sisters may be 13 and 15, but they have not graduated to watching mature and sophisticated television yet. (mature and sophisticated such as the real housewives, morning talk shows, tlc, hgtv, and uber cheesy series [what is the plural of series? series-ous question!] about unrealistic love between humans and made up creatures). our t.v. is constantly tuned in to spongebob squarepants, phineas and ferb, and those loud scream-y shows that play video after video of people get hurt doing something silly.
- speaking of michelle and jenna being teenagers (cringe!)... we spent money at victoria's secret this week. on them. one of those lifetime milestones a big sister never wants to come.
- i've been going through serious college best friend withdrawals. how much longer before fall?
- i babysat last week and woke up so sore the next morning! how pathetic can one be! one thing's for sure, i'm gonna be one jacked momma when the time comes! ;)

- we went to molly's cupcakes. oh by golly hot wow.
- we also went thrifting for the first time, which is where i picked up that beaut of a wall hanging pictured above. so sweet, is it not? i'm already mentally plotting ways to use it to make a gallery wall in my dorm in the fall. tuesday was one of sweet victory.
- PRETTY LITTLE LIARS SEASON 3 CAME OUT ON NEXTFLIX YESTERDAY. i have only been waiting what feels like my entire life for this. now, i have 5 days to watch it and get caught up before the season 4 premier. ready, set, break!
- michelle got her braces off today! i barely recognize her with her gap-less metal-less smile.
- my best friends drove two hours on sunday to surprise me and take me out for my birthday. it was the perfect afternoon with two of the most perfect friends. i feel so blessed.

to what would you dish out onions and orchids this week? 

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