this afternoon my mom, sisters and i ventured downtown iowa city to molly's cupcakes.

we added "go to molly's cupcakes!" to our summer 2013 bucket list {see my personal one here!} after overpriced extremely creative homemade cupcakes became this season's fad {which i begrudgingly believe is  replacing our beloved frozen yogurt shoppes - but my, how elegant i feel using the word "shoppe"}. and so, despite this fact and our devotion to froyo joints, we jumped on that bandwagon faster than you can say cupcakes. because we are bandwagon jumpers. and because who doesn't get giddy at the sight of a fancy cupcake? 
don't these photos just make you want to cringe and shake your fists at the photo gods, begging them to drop a camera of some sort other than that of the ipod and a photography class or two into my sad lap of cheapness and inexperience? me too, me too. they do get the job done, however, and you get the picture. ha. ha ha.

gather 'round everyone and listen here. these cupcakes. they are the richest, creamiest, meltiest-in-your-mouthest cupcakes. and not to mention downright beautiful. look at 'em! i went with the classic red velvet cake with cheesecake frosting, and it truly was to die for. we all played it safe this time - my mom and michelle chose strawberry shortcake - with a surprise strawberry filling - and jenna also picked red velvet but with buttercream frosting instead. i'm considering going for something a little more daring when i return {because i will be returning}, like the cookies-n-cream or mixed berry cupcakes. 

i'm drooling.

the thing i like most about molly's cupcakes is that they donate a portion of all profits to schools right in the community. i can't think of a better incentive, so let's support the kids and eat up! ;) 

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