i woke up this morning with a serious food hangover. (i repeat! this in no way has anything to do with alcohol! my body is just that on top of things and responsive. oh, my luck!). a headache (from staying out until 10), swollen puffy eyes (from going back for round two of salty nacho cheese dip), and bloated midsection (see: nacho dip) all made themselves present this morning as i struggled to get out of  bed and ready for the day. and that, my friends, despite the unfortunate images they provide, is the sign of a day well had, and further supports the reasoning behind the fourth of july being one of my favorite holidays.

independence day always brings back special memories of july 4ths past, like family traditions and moments shared in celebration of our country and freedom... starting off the day with the annual pancake breakfast at the fire station, both watching and being in parades, running through the park, weaving in and out of the waving american flags, and gathering around at dusk with friends and strangers alike to ooh and aah over the fireworks. 

yesterday was no different. with a happy tummy full of pancakes and sausage, we enjoyed the small-town parade and spent time together as a family until going to a friend's for dinner and fireworks watching.

> jenna made her big high school marching band debut in the parade. she rocked that bass drum and looked so darn cute doing it!
 > my grandpa's flag. i was so proud to find it standing tall in the park this week. love and miss that man dearly.
 > i take advantage of the few photos that receive her social media stamp of approval!
 > we're hoping this fire-y explosion was all a part of the plan... it was cool nonetheless!

have a lovely, relaxing extended weekend! stay cool! it's officially july and the hot, humid weather has arrived to prove it. :)

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