dearest jen shmen,
i thought i'd write you a little "old fashion" love note to keep you up to date on the ins and outs of our sadly predictable and less-than-exciting week while you're away. this was obviously initially intended for your sake, for you to read all snuggled up in your summer camp dorm with your summer camp friends, to look over again and again and get caught up and know we're thinking of you while you're away.. but from the lack of texts/calls/updates we've received from you, it appears as though you're busy having the most wonderful time (which makes me happy as can be) and in turn, this little message might just be for my sake after all. cuz we miss ya we miss ya we MISS YAAA.
ehem. so! here's the update:
mom somehow brainwashed michelle into helping her clean out the garage yesterday afternoon. michelle  somehow brainwashed mom into thinking blaring one direction from the car stereo for all of our 78+ year old neighbors to shake their fists at. i'm sure little ole A across the street is getting a kick out of today's show.
i borrowed a shirt from mom's closet yesterday. i was initially a little skeptical (for obvious reasons! in my defense i'd never seen it before and it was old navy, safe waters if i do say so myself), so i took it for a test run and wore it out to lunch. in that 2 hours we were out and about, i saw like eight old ladies rocking the same style shirt. i changed when we got home and vowed never to rummage through mom's closet again.
mom ate a whole entire toblerone bar by herself. she didn't even buy it. i did. 
we watched PLL and twisted tuesday night (will re-watch to get you caught up) and got confused by the never-ending twists and turns/made fun of bad acting and plastic rubber flubber lips.
bruiser is looking as cute as ever (duh).
i made oatmeal for breakfast this morning. it overflowed.
and with that! i'm off to work!

so there's our last few days in a blogshell! we can't wait to swap stories and hear about your week at camp. miss you lots and love you more.
rach, mom, shell, and bruce
but mostly rach.

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