i made guacamole!
and it didn't suck!!

therefore i'm putting on my top-chef-food-blogger-wannabe hat so i can brag about it for a sec.

i'm what some would call a "guacamole snob."
pre-mexican life adventure rachel would not go near "guacamole" (and we use this phrase lightly because let's be honest the stuff that comes from americanized mexican restaurants or from squirt packets in grocery store cooler sections is not the stuff) because, for one, this was before avocados were all the rage and frankly, the thought of consuming this bright green substance of such a pasty consistency just made her a bit queasy.
while in mexico, i was originally a little skeptical of the guacamole and held back at first, but after some time and a few margaritas (kidding!), i threw in the towel, did as the mexicans do, and enjoyed me some guacamole. and shoooot it was gooood! i tried lots of different variations, all yummy in their own way, and i fell in love.

pause! this just popped in my head and now i can't focus on anything else! is an avocado a fruit or a vegetable? because it has a seed/pit which gives me a peachy fruity vibe, but yet it's green? which means nothing, but it's eaten on salads and junk, so in my head i classified it as a veggie and moved on but i began to wonder if there's maybe more to it than that? i've taken it upon myself to consult google and wiki.answers is trying to convince me that an avocado is not only a fruit but, according to botanical definitions, is *more specifically* a berry, since it developed from a single ovary and such. so like, duh, obviously. i feel much better after clearing that up, we can resume!

i've been craving authentic guacamole like crazy post-mexico, and decided i'd try to make it myself after i found this recipe.
i did make a few minor adjustments simply due to personal preference. i only made half a batch (since the rest of my family is convinced they despise guacamole), which turned out to be plenty for this test-run of sorts. upon purchasing the supplies, my mom insisted that "nothing good comes from low-fat sour cream," so instead i used full blown fatty fat regular sour cream, completely defeating the purpose of this low-fat guacamole. i mean it definitely didn't hinder the taste or anything. ;) if i'm feeling rather daredevil-ish next time, i'll probably throw in some minced onion +/or a bit of salsa or chilis, just to give it a little kick! and some...definition? (this is me grasping at straws for a prettier word than "chunks").

which reminds me! i forgot to salt + pepper to taste. according to sources, guac (i feel weird when people call it "guac") is allllll about the salt? looks like i have an excuse to go snack on it some more.

happy friday! i hope your weekend is filled with sunshine, laughter, and good guacamole. ole!

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