after what felt like the longest summer ever (that being said with neither a negative nor positive undertone, just a downright fact ;), and the whizziest whirlwind of a half-a-semester ever, i feel like life has slowly found its groove again, and i've finally got things i want to write about and time to write them.
hence! this blog post!
last night i stayed up way too late having way too much fun reading back through the blog posts, journal, and notebook i kept during my semester in mexico. i think about my trip almost daily, but reading back through my journals reminded me of so many little details and stories i had already forgotten. at the time i felt like i was constantly posting and documenting things, but looking back i was surprised at how few posts i had actually written. it made me think of all of the little interactions, memories, conversations, adventures, thoughts, and emotions i experienced while in merida that have been left unspoken and are simply memories floating around in my (often jumbled mess of a) brain. having been back for a few months now has allowed me the time to step back and really reflect on those experiences and the simple lessons they taught my about life and myself that i will be forever grateful for. fortunately for me many of these memories are still clear as day - almost as if they happened yesterday - so i'm going to take advantage of that and spend some time sharing more stories and talk more in-depth about my journey and some of the other aspects that went along with it. i want to remember these things fo-ev-AH! you know? i hope you join me in this nostalgic virtual walk down memory lane.

and i'm sure i'll throw in some random footnotes about college life and cute fluffy animals and the challenges of being left-handed and 5'2" in such a big world dominated by right-handed people, cuz it wouldn't be rachbug's ramblings without it. ;)

have a good weekend, friends! this week flew by, but i'm definitely ready for some down time to relax, get caught up on cleaning/homework, and watching you've got mail on repeat.

adiós muchachos!


  1. Rachel your blog is so cute!! love it. and I totally had that same pineapple soda from a mexican place in cedar rapids recently. SO great to meet and hang out with you guys the other day, and I'm excited to keep up with your blog. :) love you guys and I hope our paths keep crossing!! xo - Hannah

    1. Hannah dear! THANK you! I am so flattered you took the time to find and read my blog. There is nothing like the pineapple Jarritos! We cannot thank you enough for Saturday, I know I can speak for all of us in saying we had a WONDERFUL time hanging out and getting to know you. You are truly a blessing! Love you too girl, I hope so as well! xox!

    2. Also, I have you to thank for inspiring me to start up my blogging again after an extended "break," haha so thank you!