there's no such thing as "too old" for an easter egg hunt :)
 happy easter, my loves!
feliz dia de pascua, mis amores!

today was such a sweet day, perfect in its simplicity. my family and i went to church this morning and then we made our way over to our grandma's house for an easter feast(er) (ha). i tell ya that woman can cook up some mean mashed potatoes and gravy and i've made it my life's mission to spy on, question, and take note of her every move during the potato preparation process (the PPP) so i can some day replicate them for my grandchildren. the easter feaster practically put us all into a food coma right there at the dining room table, so we politely excused ourselves, as ladies do, and made our way back home for a "proper nap," which is code for: grab the first change of clothes you can find without any hint of a binding waistband and blob onto the nearest flat, soft surface for the next three plus hours. no shame in our game.
somewhere in that gluttonous series of events we had an adventurous outdoor easter egg hunt! i've always wanted to hunt for eggs outside. chocolate was involved, so naturally, so was running. good thing i've been training! it was a lovingly competitive affair. we looked high and low and have been informed that there are still two eggs that haven't been found. those will be a fun surprise someday. :) the easter bunny is too good to us. 
our pastor gave the most touching sermon at church this morning. he spoke about love and the craziness that it is and the silly irrational things it makes us do sometimes. a prime example: we know that Jesus made the sacrifices he did for us because he loves us, but why? how does that justify? how does that add up? it's not always easy to comprehend.
and then he said this: love makes sense out of nonsense.
bam. it so, so does. we do the outrageous unthinkable things we do without thinking twice for our loved ones because that's just it. we love them. and that's exactly why Jesus died and rose again for us. because he loves us. love wins!
*instert roof-raising emoji here.*
do you feel the love? i feel the love. and i feel blessed. very blessed.
i hope you had an extra special sunday full of all of your main peeps and lots of chocolate and grandma's mashed potatoes. 
psst: i was thinking back to this time last year and oh my, how things have changed. you can read about my easter in mexico here. reading back through those posts - especially the easter one - leaves a little lump in my throat and an ache in my heart, as if all of the emotions come rushing back, followed by a hint of nostalgia for merida and my familia mexicana. i'm grateful to have many places i call "home" and many different groups of people i call "family." 

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