if i were even the slightest bit artistic, i would be a tattoo artist. clearly, slinging ink is not in my cards. a girl can dream.
i have dreamt of traveling to europe ever since i was 13 years old, when i fantasized about being a world-famous fashion designer in paris or milan (this dream came crashing down to reality when i realized being a high-end fashion designer, too, requires artistic ability and a sense of fashion, two traits i greatly lack). regardless, i've spent the last 8 years mentally planning my fantasy european backpacking tour, the cities i would explore, modes of transportation i plan to take to get me there, the delectable foods i intend on consuming at each location. while it's fun to daydream and doodle, i never imagined that i would some day have the opportunity to put my plans into action and travel to europe - especially not at this point in my life or for any extended period of time.

but fate has a funny way of pulling strings and working things out, and i will officially be spending my next/final semester (sept.-dec.) of my undergrad in spain!

i will be traveling through my college's study abroad program, the same one i worked with during my semester in mexico. i will be living with a host family, similar to my housing situation in merida, and taking classes through the international program at the local university. i'm applying for an internship, hopefully teaching english at a local elementary school, so i can get some experience with ESL and ELL.

as i continued to advance towards my spanish degree, i had always had a little nagging desire in the back of my head to someday eventually study in or at least explore spain, too, to further my knowledge in not only a different type of spanish language but also explore the rich wealth of spanish culture. as i was working with my advisor on my four-year plan, i realized this final semester i only have a couple spanish classes to finish up and a few elective spanish credits to knock out, so i figured heck, what better way to improve my spanish and study the culture/history than in a spanish-speaking country!?

this was very much a big YOLO moment in which i grabbed the hand of faith and together we dove off the dock of comfort into the deep abyss of the lagoon of the unknowns.

that was a weird analogy. you feel my feels, ya?

so it's official - i'm off to liberate my inner european that i know is patiently yet restlessly waiting to be set free. and while it's not to pursue an ever-promising career in fashion designing, i'm still chasing my dreams, and they just happen to be leading me half way across the world. i could not be more thrilled (or terrified!) to begin writing this new chapter in my life's little novel. i hope you'll join me in turning the page and reading along! 

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