somehow it's already wednesday again! happy mittwoch! (have i mentioned i'm taking german? ja.) welcome back, miercoles! time flies.

- i experienced my first official spain nightworry ("nightmare" seems a little too dramatic in this context...) i had a lot of mexico nightworries, too. bizarre, those things.
- tragic story-telling time: *pauses for audience to pass around a box of tissues and/or build suspense* so i have this big eraser. his name is shivlet. (diversion: my friend and i were desperately grasping for distractions from our physics homework one evening last semester which led to a sudden intense interest in eraser shavings [we were tired]. we got into a passionately heated discussion about how cruel and unfair this world can be sometimes because why don't eraser shavings deserve their own special unique name? why must they just be shavings from an eraser? shame on you, world! so generic! so inconsiderate! being the good samaritans that we are, we took it upon ourselves to re-name eraser shavings "shivlies," which are created  by "shivlets." and then we successfully convinced everyone we could casually create shivlies in front of that those little crumbs have a true title, that  being "shivlies.") so my shivlet! i had this weird desire to use it forever and ever until it ran out, just to prove myself that that's possible with big erasers? he and i went everywhere together. i habitually dug him out of my pencil pouch at the beginning of class so he could sit on my desk and help me with homework and then i'd tuck him back in when it was time to go. we really had something going for us. until tuesday. on tuesday i got too full of myself, thinking i deserved to go enjoy the beautiful day or something by taking a blanket and my homework and my shivlet out to write an essay by the pond. all was well until i got back inside and felt this pending doom rise in my stomach as i frantically searched, realizing my shivlet was nowhere to be found. i lost my shivlet. he's played hide-and-seek with me before, so i'm keeping my hopes high that he will reveal himself soon. (i realize it's awkward that i genderized him/it but..?) sadly i have a bad feeling he got consumed by the pond's canadian geese that we were specifically instructed not to feed. RIP shiv.

my sisters, mom and i have all started wearing about the same size clothes. which is partly strange but partly the greatest most convenient thing that has ever happened to me. pants just aren't hugging right? no problem, try on a pair of jenna's! didn't bring home the perfect pair of shoes for my outfit? heck, just rummage through mom's closet!
- my family will be here in exactly one week to experience their first ever tulip time! poffertjes, get in our bellies.
- i get to sleep in tomorrow. it's the little things.
- i also get to use my full punchcard to receive a free coffee at the coffee shop in the morning. (i do have mixed feelings about knowing i've purchased ten expresso drinks in a relatively short period of time). you bet i'm getting a large iced snicker bar latte with whip. sometimes it's the large things, too.
- easter candy and finals prep go together like floral pants and earth day. the perfect compliments to one another.
- the floral pants made their debut appearance for the year of 2014! and on earth day to boot. it was a springy affair.
what memorable moments make your list this week? 

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