april showers bring may flowers. lilacs make me think of my dad. i'm not really even sure why. i wish you guys could smell these things though. pure perfumey flowery heaven.

welcome back! did you recognize me? don't fret, you came to the right place. but i did decide to freshen things up around here. what do you think?! pretty fresh, eh?

i've gotta say i am absolutely in love with this new look. i can't stop staring at it, which is cruelly distracting me from tackling the mountainous pile of tasks i need to get done this weekend. i'd been itching to revamp my look around here for a while now, but i had no inspiration - no idea what vibe i was feeling or aura i wanted my little space to give off.  last night, however, out of nowhere! i was struck! a surge of inspiration hit me plum across the face and i suddenly had a vision (think: that's so raven) for exactly how i wanted to transform my little bloggy. i spent the rest of the evening (and much of the wee hours of the night, too) fiddling with templates, html, css (i still don't understand code and have given up on ever trying to learn), finding my color pallete (i used this website), fonts, icons, etc. to ultimately execute my ideas.

so wah-lah! you may see some small detail changes pop up throughout the next few weeks or so as i work to straighten out formatting kinks and play with adding a few more artsy, personalized touches, but this is it, and i couldn't be happier with the final product.  i think a blog is something that should change and grow as its writer does so i was on a mission to create a space that reflects my early-twenties-girly-giggly-free-and-full-of-passion-self and i think it's pretty fitting. not only do i feel that this represents me and my personality and the current season of my ever-evolving life, but i'm also feeling completely re-inspired.

the end.

and as a result of said re-inspiration i've drafted about 2734 posts in the last twenty-four hours, so get your little readers ready and i'll see you back here tomorrow. i'm off to caper through the tulips and freshly cut grass off into the sunset of love, happiness, and unicorns.

real-world translation: i'm walking uptown to get chinese take-out.

happy saturday.


  1. LOVE the new look! and your writing style is the best, Rachel. :) adore your posts!!

    1. Ahh thank you Hannah dear, for both your support and encouragement! :) It means the world to me that you follow along.