if you have a friend who sends you random text messages of good Bible verses they find that they want to share because they make them think of you, keep that friend and hug them close and tight and never let them go. if you don't have one of these friends, find one. they were cut from a good cloth. like egyptian cotton.
Proverbs 31:30 #Bible #Scripture
one of my closest girlfriends has this effortless style of communication in which she can carry on the deepest conversations about theology and love in the most light, casual, comfortable way. i love her for it. whenever i'm with her we start by catching each other up on the mayhem that is our lives and quickly find ourselves slipping into honest, more profound topics, but with the same fluidity as before.

yesterday she and i talked a lot about relationships. we talked about the pressures that the idea of love and marriage put on young adults, especially as engagements and marriages are becoming more and more frequent the older we get. as i was sitting across the table from her, she texted me this verse. i quietly read it to myself and then we proceeded to talk about it, the passage it comes from, what it means to "fear the Lord" and how special and desirable of a quality that is. we pondered ways we can strive to put our energies towards our relationship with God rather than the minuscule, superficial moments we too easily get wrapped up in. and after that, with full, rejuvenated hearts and clear eyes, (you have no idea how much self control it's taking not to go all friday night lights on this post right now, but i'm resisting the temptation), we ever-so-naturally found our way back to chatting about our pinterest boards and the eight page papers we have due monday (that neither of us had started).

this friend of mine, shoot. she's a good'n. she knows exactly what i need to hear and when i need to hear it. and you know what's even better? when she knows my heart may not be strong enough to hear the truth, she prays about it, about me, for me, and trusts God to get the message across.

now that right there, my friends, is love. and friendship. and happiness. all wrapped up in one energetic smiley little human being. she inspires me to be a better person. for that, i am grateful.

what's on your heart this fine sunday? any verses you'd like to share? i'd love to read them in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing.
    I have been iinspired by bloggers like you to share my heart. I blog about my struggle with Huntington;s disease. I would be honored if you would folllow my journey.