i automatically turn into mulan when i stand under a cherry blossom tree.
spring fever is spreading like wildfire around these parts. i've been bursting at the seams with excitement, anxious to get all my little cooped-up winter wiggles out, and this weekend could not have been a better time to do just that. i could not get enough of the gorgeous 70 degree weather and sunshine, so i took every opportunity i could to frolic around outdoors, letting my poor weathered winter skin soak up every last ounce of warmth and fresh air. i felt completely rejuvenated with each breath.

friday evening different groups on campus (res life being one of them, *raises the roof*) collaborated to sponsor a color run in celebration of holi, a hindu festival of color and love. since residence life was a part of the planning, i volunteered to work the photo booth at the end of the race. (volunteering means having an legitimate excuse not to run and getting a free t-shirt. ;) yoou seee? and of course it means supporting a good cause, which i was proud to be a part of. triple win. mark it). the photo booth happened to be in the middle of the course, too (literally on the course, as we had to leap out of the way in between photo sessions to let the runners pass through as in i almost got trampled a couple of times because i'm me), so i got to relive my cheerleading days! which mostly consisted of me "woo"-ing and trying not to make eye contact with the runners as they shot pained glances my way. after the race there was a bonfire - summer initiation! - and a group of us girls mingled, ate s'mores, and chatted (i made a s'more without toasting the marshmallow first, i just shoved all of the cold ingredients together, which sounded like a good idea at the time? but looking back it was awkward. i am awkward). it was a lovely affair.

the rest of the weekend mostly consisted of me doing homework, complaining about doing homework, drinking excessive amounts of coffee, and eating (everything).

it started raining here yesterday afternoon and hasn't really stopped since. it's supposed to stay this way throughout the rest of the week. i enjoy myself a good stormy day just as much as the next guy, but i look forward to mr. sun's return. and plus, the sound of rain and thunder and the gloomy glow shining through my window is practically mother nature begging me to crawl into bed with a good book and a big plate of chocolate chip cookies. sadly, the timing is not right. 'tisn't  meant to be! hashtag finals hashtag team no sleep hashtag pour me another cup of coffee.

haha i really hate when people use hashtag outloud in everyday conversation and i kind of hate myself for doing it just now but it felt right in the moment. hashtag facetious. 
so COLOR. never have i ever laid my eyes on a prettier sunset. i snapped this with my iPhone thursday evening on my way back to my room from dinner. i have been rendered humble by such a breathtakingly bold and beautiful miracle from God.

i hope your weekend was a colorful one.

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