- my sump pump got a little full of itself on multiple occasions this last week (literally) which allowed me to spend some quality time with various members of our campus maintenance crew. it's inconveniently located at the floor of my closet, so when it set off the first alarm i bashfully had to haul out the piles and piles of neglected things i have stored in there. needless to say the emergency initiated a closet-reorganization-hour and is now back to looking spiffier than ever! even flooded sump pump stories can have a happy ending.
- i discovered in genetics lab yesterday that i would make an exceptional criminal (i feel as though i would also consider this to be an orchid, i'm rather proud of this realization but understand it may be a little concerning to some folk so onions it is!). we were taking our own fingerprints and determining the patterns to figure out our dermal ridge count (which relates to quantitative genetics, obvs). I have pretty tiny fingers resulting in very small ridges and THUS my finger print is practically indiscernible. muahaha. 
- i spent six hours writing a paper for my religion class and i'm still afraid it's ranked in the top 3 worst papers i've ever written. i'm ashamed. but also mostly just relieved it's done and over with (the slogan of senioritis).
- our market hosted a bacon fest over lunch yesterday. a bacon fest. they somehow maneuvered bacon into every innocent little dish. bacon flavored ice cream, people. i could feel my arteries clogging just by looking at it.

- my flights to spain have been booked - it's official! there's no backing out now! it certainly has never felt so real up to this point, and i must admit, the nervous knots in my tummy have been replaced with fluttering butterflies. europa here i come!
- i have had so many sincere, deep, honest, "grown-up" conversations with my mom this week. we have so many memorable moments, but it's these little interactions and chats i cherish the most. i think she is the most beautiful, unique woman and i feel so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from her and grow with her by my side. she and i, we make a good team!
- speaking of my partner-in-crime, i get to see her in just a few short hours! my sisters, too! mid-week reunions are my favorite. i can't wait to love up on them (and convince them to buy me lots of food) (priorities).
- i am so blessed by friends who think of little ole me back home as they are embarking on wild adventures as they backpack through europe. today i received TWO postcards from one of my best friends who's studying in bangor, wales this semester. it was the sweetest surprise. (PS she tells me i'm going to love spain. i believe her).

happy mean girls 10 year anniversary! i hope you're wearing pink, it is wednesday after all. ;) 

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