it just wouldn't be a wednesday without 'em.
- around 9:45 on saturday evening i was cleaning out my desk drawer in an attempt to organize and pack up my belongings so i could move out of my dorm room on sunday morning when i came across a smokey row gift card. i swear in that moment the cloudy sky opened up, revealing a heavenly beam of light that shined right on that gift card and the hallelujah chorus sang out. it was a sign from God. i obviously had to follow that sign so i grabbed my keys and headed up town to smokey row for a cup of ice cream. i ordered (mint chocolate chip, what else?) only to find THE CARD WAS EMPTY. i still took it as a sign from God to get me to smokey row so i got the ice cream anyways and enjoyed every. last. lick of it.
- the amount of free time i have now that finals/res hall closing/moving out/etc. is over is almost unsettling. i don't know what to do with myself when my life isn't being dictated by a ever-present, ever-growing checklist. i know i should just enjoy the calmness, i'm sure it won't be like this for long!

- i'm working 2 jobs this summer (and babysitting on the side) which has made for an interesting (and hectic!) adjustment but it's such a blessing. it keeps me busy and i desperately need the cash. ca-ching! winny win win. also i just really like working? i've always been a bit oddish like that. i suppose there are worse qualities to possess.
- i just found out i won an instagram giveaway from one of my favorite bloggers! i was pleasantly surprised because i'd forgotten i even entered. what a lovely way to start the day!
- i turn 21 a week from tomorrow. twenty one. who what where when why how.
- it's been so long since i've read a good book (or really any book, for that matter) but i started gone girl last week and cannot put it down. getting wrapped up in a book is one of the best feelings. and gone girl bonus: it's being made into a movie, starring the ben affleck (drool).
- i had mini cupcakes for dinner one night last week and not once did i feel even a hint of remorse because of it. that's when you know you're doing college right.

well i'm off to do absolutely nothing in an attempt to rest before my shift at the pizza haus tonight. i opened the cafe this morning at 5:45, so needless to say i'm a little groggy. on the plus side, it's guaranteed i won't go hungry (or come down from a constant caffeine buzz) this summer as i'm bouncing back and forth, which is reassuring considering my daily plans typically revolve around  my next meal. ;) happy wednesday! 

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