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this weekend. my oh my. a whirlwind of a couple days, it was. i'm semi-catching up from my move home and first big work week, semi-still trucking forward, lagging just a hop skip and a jump behind, almost there but not quite. but there's no rush. i'm bouncing back and forth between jobs, mastering my craft at life's three most precious goodies: coffee, pizza, and babies, as i take on the roles of barista rachel by day, pizza-maker rachel by night, and babysitter rachel to fill in the rare time gaps. speaking of, in the past week i've lost all concept of time and normal circadian rhythm human habits and such and i've only already asked what day it was on four separate occasions because summer brain.

yesterday i met up with the girl i'm traveling to spain with and we planned our two and a half week backpacking excursion through europe (over coffee, what else?). oh yes! i'm taking a couple of weeks to backpack through europe before our semester starts in september! i may have failed to mention this. i also am failing to acknowledge and accept that this is real life and not just some fantasy i'm dreaming up but not actually doing. it still doesn't feel real! my traveling partner-in-crime is the sweetest. she's so logical and mature and we've completely clicked in the few brief moments we've been able to get together. i can't wait to take on the world with her! and of course i'll be sharing our itinerary here soon. :)

that about wraps up my weekend. i'm covered in pizza sauce, hyped up on espresso, and i wouldn't have it any other way. my mom and sisters are finally in their last week of school and i couldn't be happier (and i'm sure they couldn't be, either!). i get so lonely home alone, and this past week our schedules have been completely opposite (i work when they're home, i'm home when they're out and about), i've hardly seen them at all. it's bizarro and simply not right. i'm so ready for us to all have some mutual free time so we can start making our summer bucket list and going on our quirky little adventures. i love them. i love you. i love cheese. happy monday! and happy memorial day! i hope you have a relaxing day off before you slip back into life's hustle and bustle on tuesday. 

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  1. Good for you for doing all this! I'm also working my butt off nannying/etc. to save up money for Europe. I can't wait for it all! EEEEk!
    xoxo Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest