i realized on a recent visit with my mom that she isn't just my mom or my best friend. she is my safe place. nothing, no one makes me feel more at peace - with myself, with life - than she does. no matter how worried or wrapped up i get in my own little world, my mom is the one who reassures me that everything will work out. everything will be okay. she knows me better than i know myself sometimes and i don't have to put up a front with her. i can be honest, happy, sad, excited, annoyed, or obnoxiously passionate about spanish and know that she genuinely cares and sympathizes with me by enduring each of these emotions as if they were her own. when my heart aches, i know hers does for mine. she shares my small but mighty victories. we feel each other's feels. she pushes me to be my best self. my mom is my home. it doesn't matter whether we're in our actual house, in pella, meeting up somewhere in between or somewhere far off the beaten path, as long as i'm with her my heart feels whole. 

my mom is an incredible woman and i'm thankful for a day that allows me to openly brag about her magicalness without looking like a chump. she's my best friend, superhero, partner-in-crime. sometimes i even think she might be my twin (my fraternal, michelle's identical. we have the same tastes, they have the same face. dna is weird). i admire her an insane amount (like so much but it's so much more than so much) and try to learn from her every day. "all that i am or hope to be, i owe to my mother" (- abraham lincoln, apparently. eyebrow raise). if i'm even half the mom she is some day my kids will be pretty darn well off. but then they'll get to have her for a grandma! if there's one thing i think my mom would be better at than mothering it's grandmothering. 

happy mother's day, mom. and happy mother's day to my grandma, too! i'm sorry i can't be there to love up on you in person but know i'm celebrating from afar. i might even have to take myself out for coffee in your honor. ;) i love you i love you i LOVE YOU.

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