this is the extent of the excitement in my world as of late.
the world clock says it's friday but my internal clock still says wednesday. it is what it is. i've been working on this post for about 3.2 years and i'm going to get it out if it kills me.

- 1 exam. 3 presentations. 5 days. --> this week. oofta. our final exams are next week so this should be "dead week," but no no, don't be fooled. our campus is very much alive. however i'm afraid i won't be come this afternoon at 3:30.
- lots of lasts this week. resulting in lots of rachel sadness. i'm not much for mushiness so i try to block it all out but my heart is a little heavy in these "last" days as a traditional central college student.
- speaking of, this is my last week and a half on campus as a college student here. ever. it breaks my heart. thus, this is my last weekend... and i'm spending it on duty, stuck in the res halls. #RAlife. (i pretend like i'd be otherwise spending it out and about, which is unrealistic but i at least like having a little lingering hope that something might come up).
- man hacking loogies in the silent library? could we not? you all know how i feel about loogie hacking.

- productivity-wise, alive week has been very good to me! i've finished and turned in a majority of the semester-long papers and presentations i've been stressing out over for the last 10 weeks.
- i slept for 15 hours one night last weekend. fifteen. hours. i felt like a whole new woman the next day.
- i snagged another job for the summer! cue MEGA audible sigh of relief. my uncle owns a pizza place in town and offered me a position with both good pay and a lot of hours. my prayers were definitely answered as i have been worrying about how i financially was going to make spain happen.
- my sisters played soccer in a neighboring town last night so i was able to drive up and see them play and then accompany them on a classy trip to walmart followed by a KFC/taco bell run. reuniting with them feels like we never spent any time apart. i can't wait to spend a whole summer under the same roof as those hoots.
- i'm DIY-ing my mom's mother's day present which could either be really good or really bad. haha i'll keep you posted. cross your fingers.

feliz friday! finally! 

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