i am tickled pink to announce that my little family of one has grown!
this is fern. she is not a fern. just fern.
isn't she beautiful? i am such a proud plant momma. i came to class gushing after retrieving her and bored my friends with the adoption story accompanied by a slideshow of photos i had just taken (i wish i was kidding. i'm gonna be one of those human-baby mommas).
speaking of me being a proud plant momma, i texted both of my parents this cutesy announcement of a photo of fern with the caption "congratulations grandma/grandpa!" as in, surprise! look at my sweet new succulent! and my father thought i was making some sort of awkward tacky earth-y pregnancy announcement and began shooting back panicked text messages saying, "what are we congratulating!?" "wait, what??" "are you telling me i am going to be a grandpa...?" COINCIDENTALLY in this exact moment my phone went berserk and decided to stop receiving text messages for a couple hours, so when my dad never heard back from me he started calling/texting/e-mailing/skyping/carrier pigeoning my mom. he was absolutely convinced i was purposefully ignoring him -- i must have been completely ashamed after announcing my big "news" -- he was going to have to leave work early for he was "given quite a start!!" all the while i was clueless, frolicking on through life in a love-struck daze of happiness. (he did finally catch on, responding with "is that my grandplant? OMG he's beautiful!!!" good answer pops. and he is a she). so that was awkwardly distressing and i learned to never make references to my parents about having a grand-anything until it's the real deal for fear of giving them an unwarranted aneurysm.
our first family photos taken immediately after the adoption was finalized.
fern and i took our monumental first-photo-as-a-family-of-two photo and then marched our way over to walmart to pick up a snazzy new coming-home pot for her.
because i am an impatient ida i changed her right over the sink immediately upon returning to my housing quarters. and even though she made a huge sprinkly dirty mess everywhere, i didn't even mind. i am blinded by my infatuation with little ferny! 
a few frames from fern's newborn photo shoot.
i can't wait to watch little fern grow and blossom in time and hopefully someday give her a little baby brother or sister succulent! i love you fern! 
this post brought to you in part by: my occasional absolute quirkiness.


  1. LAUGH OUT LOUD I absolutely loved this post. :) hahaha, so cute.

    1. haha thanks girl! :) 'twas a fun afternoon!