time to dole out some o&o for both the stinky and super happenings of this past week.

- goodbyes. but i'm so thankful to have such amazing people in my life that make farewells so tough. so i'll take it and continue to remind myself that goodbyes are never permanent.
- it's funny how quickly my brain shifts into creative-writing gear when i'm faced with loads of important things i need to focus intently on. my heart has been trying to prepare for my final exams but my brain is spasmodically jumping from one topic to the next (none of them school-related), constantly striking inspiration mines. one positive side effect of this is i've drafted about 32 potential blog posts in the past week. lucky you.
- i recently discovered my absolute favorite toothpaste has been discontinued and i haven't been able to find it to buy since. last night i squeezed the very last possible drop out of my very last tube of toothpaste. 'twas a very somber moment and i have no idea what i'm going to do tonight. (but i promise i will do something).
- library naps. oops, that's normal, right?
- stress eating has never been a more real thing. and like i know it's wrong but i can't stop? ew.

- yesterday i treated myself to an adventure in between exams and ended up at the local greenhouse.  i am a 20-year-old woman-girl with an 80-year-old soul. the greenhouse has such a serene, natural aura and i left feeling completely relaxed and replenished.
- gift cards. and snail mail. and gift cards sent via snail mail.
- Godwinks. He amazes me.
- good grades. (!)
- at precisely 5:30 this evening my life kicks into full-blown SUMMER MODE.
- my mother is the most thoughtful, selfless woman. she and my sister knew how badly i wished i could spend mother's day with them and how terrible i felt for not getting to see my mom until a week later, so they plotted to drive down and surprise me on sunday. my mom (and sister, jen, you rock) took the time out of her special day to come and surprise me. i felt like both the biggest diva and luckiest girl on the planet sunday afternoon (emphasis on the latter, because shoot, i'm blessed).

to what/whom would you be giving your onions and orchids to this week? happy hump day!

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