this is how i celebrated national donut day.
- last weekend i made and ate a sandwich with jalapenos on it at 10:30 p.m. and then i proceeded to take my contacts out with said fingers that made said sandwich with said jalapenos. EYES. ON. FIYAH. terrible idea all around. embarrassing situation.
rachel: 0
fiery jalapenos: 2
- i accidentally cut my (sad, dry, wrinkled - thanks, dishes) hand on the cheese knife at work and almost fainted. it blows my mind that there are people out there that do surgeries, stitches, give shots etc. for a living. GOD BLESS YA.
- i still haven't seen the fault in our stars and it's been out an entire week. how can i be an ultimate superfangirl if i still haven't seen it? where do my priorities lie and what changes do i need to make to get it straight!? what is life!
- homemade local commercials. *shudder* do they make you extremely uncomfortable, too? 


- michelle attended a state-wide leadership conference over the weekend in which she and a friend represented their entire sophomore class. her positive enthusiasm is contagious and i know from this convention she will continue to make a difference and touch the lives of others. she makes me so proud!
- ^^said conference^^ happened to be held on my college campus, so we more than took advantage of this fine detail and made a mini family vacation out of the whole ordeal. we spent the days roaming around campus, hitting up our favorite joints (ehem smokey row), and spending time with special friends. oh and i slept 12 hours saturday night. 'twas a lovely weekend.
- jenna started her summer driving for driver's ed this morning! somebody shake me, i feel like i should be the one in driver's ed, not my (what to me still feels like) eight-year-old sister. time! stop! you villainous creature, you!
- i finished gone girl. HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THINGS INTENSE AND SUSPENSEFUL AND SHOCKING IN THIS WORLD. i'm still feeling sassy about the entire thing. it ended too wrongly and perfectly all at once. i digress. one book down, only three to go til i check that item off my summer bucket list! i've already moved on to divergent. i know, i'm shamefully late to the game. but better late than never, right?
- today marks day 2 of rachbug's radical running races!! (my self-titled, self-implemented, self-attending "workout" routine. yes yes, laugh laugh snicker snicker but YOU think of a more motivating, inspiring title for an interval training workout. i have to do something to make it sound like anything but death). i started running yesterday (obvs) and survived so i'm feeling pretty good about day 2. it can only go up from here? (hopefully not literally, hills kill).
- friday morning we started our road trip to pella the right way - by stopping at casey's for coffee and donuts. unbeknownst to us, we found out later that morning that it was national donut day! i could practically feel a celebratory confetti halo falling around the crown of my head; it was meant to be! let me tell ya, that cake donut with white icing and sprinkles tasted extra delicious on its own holiday.
- my mom and i carpooled the whole two blocks to work this morning. it was adorably delightful and *that* much more fun than just an average car ride together.

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