the fam and i have finally compiled a sort-of bucket list for summer 2014! our goal for this summer is finding adventure and excitement in simplicity - i think we will be able to do just that by aiming to complete the following: 

// go to newbo city market in cedar rapids
// try indian food
// go thrifting/antiquing
// send surprise snail mail to an un-expectant friend
// make homemade cinnamon rolls and pizza
// go to lake of the ozarks (and stop at five guys on the way, naturally!) 
// read at least 4 books (suggestions?)
// go on a picnic
// road trip to colorado :: we're going to colorado springs & denver in a couple of weeks!
// visit college friends
// come up with unique, engaging exercise routines - and stick to 'em!
// go to the des moines, ia farmer's market
// eat a crepe
// go somewhere in iowa i've never been to before
// try at least 6 pinterest recipes
// attend the iowa state fair
// eat at mesa downtown iowa city
// go frisbee golfing

we 've gotten really interested in exploring different markets/festivals/antique + thrift shops in the area, so a lot of our mini expeditons will likely revolve around one or more of the three stated above. a few of these items were stolen from last year's bucket list. i realized there were quite a few we didn't get accomplished last summer that i'd still like to challenge myself to complete. 

there we have it! our official summer 2014 bucket list. time to get adventurous!

what's on your summer of 2014 bucket list? 

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