- this interaction between a customer and me: 
   as he silently approaches the counter from his table...
   me: hi! can i get you something?
   him: well, i came up to get my second beer but it looks like you aren't even old 
      enough to serve it, so i'll wait until she's (gesturing to my mom, who was running the 
      register) available.
   me: believe it or not, i'm actually old enough to drink it, so... -_-
and then i awkward tortoise shuffled to the back of the kitchen and forgot his beer in the process.
- speaking of work (which i am always doing because i spend a majority of my time there and see a lot of people/hear a lot of things/you know how pizza joints are! it's funny really, since my mom, sisters, and i have all started working together, our social lives basically revolve around the pizza haus and it's literally all we talk about. we're workaholic obsessed. and this factual parenthetic statement deserves an onion to itself; moving on), i've developed "left bicipital tendinitis" from scooping ice cream and have been instructed to refrain from any intensive ice cream scooping for the next couple of weeks.
- liam neeson's voice. *shivers*
- liam neeson.
- i have gone my entire listenerationship with lana del rey thinking that "summertime sadness" was about having seasonal depression in the summer or something and went as far as twitter-ranting about my annoyance with the unlikelihood of anyone being sad because it's summer, only to have a friend point out to me that the sadness is simply a result of summer being over. OF COURSE IT IS.

- my mom surprised me with a morning trip to dunkin' donuts yesterday morning after i (apparently) not-so-subtly mentioned my interest in and sudden craving for a dunkin' donut and DD iced coffee combo. my mom is the most wonderful. and so is dunkin' donuts.
- jenna is off at church camp this week, and while i selfish-ly miss her, i'm so proud of and happy for her. her strong, growing faith is so admirable and i can't wait to hear all of the amazing ways the lord has worked through her this week.
- we had the best independence day. it was a casual day spent around town; we kept up with tradition by attending the pancake breakfast, afternoon parade, and fireworks in the evening at a family friend's and just enjoyed being together in the down time. i love our little fourth of july.
- i absolutely love my summer job at the pizza haus. the atmosphere, the customers, my coworkers, (the food)... all things that individually make me so happy and together make the place such a special, cherished one to me. the job keeps me busy but i wouldn't have it any other way.
- we are crossing items off of our summer bucket list left and right. boo-yah! take that, summer!!

what super and stinky things in your life deserve orchids and onions this week? happy wednesday! 

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