this summer was a hoot!
see what i did there?
since i've done a horrendous job keeping up with documenting this summer's festivities and, honestly, outside of work there are really only a handful's (postful's?) worth of things worth documenting, i figured, hey! let's just pile it all together and make one big onions and orchids summer round-up.

so here we have it, my friends. a summer recap in o & o.

- i am both a morning person and a night owl. do you see the dilemma here? my current status: tired.
- i miss my family already. ONE MORE WEEK!
- it's been 3 months of glorious, powerful iowa heat + sunshine and i have nary a tan line. now if this isn't the  biggest summertime fail. i've honestly learned to embrace it and figure i'll be thanking my early 20's self thirty years from now.
- the bachelor/ette (sometimes "in paradise"). face off. naked and afraid. pretty little liars. the next great baker. long island medium. ink masters. just to name a few of the gaZILLION trashy reality tv shows we've been sucked into watching this summer. on a weekly basis. and when we aren't watching our nightly dramas, you can find us perusing HGTV. we have no shame! the family that bonds over twisted story lines and crummy acting together, stays together.
- our local chinese restaurant was closed for an entire month from july to august. I KNOW. we practically starved.
- so remember when i was running? or, more appropriately put, walk/jogging, a.k.a. "wogging"? womp. #onions i promised michelle a 5k at some point before we're both old, married, and tired, so, there's always next year?

- jenna, my mom and i had a mid-summer girls' date and spent an evening at sephora getting our make up done by a professional. she gave us tips on colors and products that work well for our skin types and tones, all while making us feel bee-yootiful in the process. it was such a sweet, special evening; one i'll forever hold dear to my heart. 
- bruiser is bilingual. we've taught him to respond to both english and spanish commands. this might be the proudest moment of my life thus far.
- we upheld our annual attending-of-the-iowa-state-fair tradition. we laughed, we ate, we *didn't* even break a sweat because it was a glorious 79* and cloudy outside (which honestly made the fair feel less fair-y since almost dying of heat stroke is typically part of a genuine state fair experience) and we are 87% sure we saw duck dynasty's si exiting the men's restroom on the east side of the grounds. we later found out that this suspicion is, in fact, plausible, for apparently the duck dynasty crew was the grand stand entertainment of the evening. we swear by it!
- jenna, michelle, and i have been practicing origami. we've finally perfected "the owl." and that is the extent of our repertoire.
- i got my first winery experience at the local winery with my mom and her friend. fewer things make a woman feel more sophisticated than spending an evening at a winery.
- i started "doing" my eyebrows with some random, ancient avon eyebrow pencil from practically the 90's that i found hidden in our cosmetics drawer, and holy woah. game. changer. one wouldn't think that a few strokes of a mousy-colored crayon through the eyebrows would make such a difference, but i've gotta say, it really gives my look a refined, complete finish, and i've converted to team eyebrows. my face almost looks weird without it now.
- my ice-cream scooping induced bicipital tendonitis is finally clearing up. hip hip for physical therapy!
- have i mentioned? ONE MORE WEEK.
- i've had ice cream for dinner/somehow incorporated ice cream into one of my five daily eating sessions for approximately 96.8% of this summer's meals. while i should be ashamed, i personally find this to be a very brag-worthy feat.
- i recently found out i'm going to be the granada student blogger/vlogger for my school's study abroad website and i could not be more thrilled!
- rachbug's ramblings has officially reached +10,000 views! thank you thank you thank YOU my lovely readers for hanging in there with me and humoring me by reading my ramblings. this lil' bloggity is about to take a crazy turn towards excitement and adventure and i couldn't be happier to have you along for the ride!

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