i just consumed the closest thing to a cafe mocha that i've been able to find since my arrival in europe and i have NEVER FELT MORE LIKE MYSELF than i do right now. two pips for strong coffee combined with a sugary milky goodness and a big blob of whipped cream on top.

*licks lips in one suave, satisfied glaze-over, takes a slow step forward, clears throat*

i have prepared no better acceptance speech after being rewarded the biggest bogus blogger bestowal (because that is absolutely a thing) than the following:

i have been so consumed by my easy effort to soak up every last bit of studying, exploring, traveling, communicating, interacting, and just living  in this beautiful country that i've seemed to somehow neglect some of my favoritest, happiest of past times (like blogging, for one) and for that, i am truly sorry.

and then i chuck up the deuces, drop the mike, turn on my heels, and casually saunter off stage like the true free-spirited rebel that i like to think i am.

for what it's worth, i've stuck to my promise about journaling (almost) every day, and have an entire book's worth of memories and thoughts and happenings jotted down that i have full intentions of eventually transcribing to my little online diary here for the public world to read. with time, my friend, with time.

so hi! it's now november. (!?!) wow! welcome november. fall cliches like pumpkin spiced lattes and ugg boots and cold weather with dead-leaf-littered pathways do not exist here in granada, spain and for that i am grateful. the weather's been stubbornly hanging around in the 70's for the past few weeks and as the locals would dramatically declare, "this is extremely unusual and we're experiencing our second summer for the year, we might as well up and forget about winter and hop straight to spring!" as much as i'm loving this gorgeous warm weather, i'm ready for changing seasons. the grass is always greener on the other side though, isn't it? the things i would do for a piping-hot cup of hot coffee as i snuggle up in a chunky sweater and fuzzy socks, some trashy hallmark movie on the tele and the sweet aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies filling my nostrils and consuming my thoughts.

chocolate chip cookies! another thing that virtually does not exist in spain.

wanna know something that does exist in spain? the carhartt brand. yes, CARHARTT. yes, like the kind your dad and grandpa pick up at blaine's farm and fleet or theisen's home - farm - auto store to wear while they're out doing chores on the farm. wearing carhartt here is like a high-end fashion statement embraced by the elite and admired by all (and giggled at by the farm girl from the iowa). silly, right?

isn't it fascinatingly mind-blowing to think about the millions of people who are existing and living and thriving in this big world around us, and maybe they're doing life a little differently than we do but their way works, too, and is normal to them while ours would be considered "different"? but different doesn't mean wrong or worse. it's just a variation. like one of life's various algebraic equations that could be used to get the same answer.

mr. snuffles at the cafe bar next to me would like the world of rachbug's ramblings to know that colds exist here, too. and they get rather revengeful during climate shifts. i think each of us international students could second and third and one-hundredth that. *passes mr. snuffles a kleenex with my phone number written on it because he's actually quite handsome.*

well i suppose this post had no significant purpose other than to publicly announce that yes, i am still alive and functioning and well and spain and i are madly in love and i wanted to make sure to get all of that superficial weatherly talk garbage out of the way before we dig deep into the real stuff. i'd like to take this opportunity to open the floor for questions - is there anything about my current state of being that you're just dying to know? the food, my schedule, the people, traveling, etc? anything specific that tickles your fancy? my potential love interests, perhaps? ha i see right through you, we'll just clear that one up right now and put out the big fat NO, but i've developed some solid lifelong friendships and fallen even deeper in love with myself  (and i mean that in a very non egocentric way!) and confidently learning and embracing who i truly am, quirks and all, and that's what counts, right? i intend on getting around to all of these topics and more soon, but i welcome your questions and curiosities and love, of course.

enjoy what's left of your weekend! 

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