it wouldn't be a twenty-first century euro trip without selfies to document the sighting of each monumental must-see along the way.
(disclaimer: no selfie sticks were used in the making of this photographic compilation)
^ big ben || the london bridge ^
^ notre dame || the eiffel tower ^
 ^ jardin du luxembourg (paris) ^
^ the louvre ^
^ the eiffel tower at night: on top || from a distance ^
^ arc du triomphe || the love lock bridge ^
^ the mona lisa || the colosseum ^
^ the colosseum || vatican city (with the pope peeking out of a window in the background!) ^
^ authentic italian pizza || authentic italian gelato ^
^ the trevi fountain (under construction, womp womp) ^
^ the city of naples, italy || mount vesuvius ^
^ the alhambra (granada, spain) || the strait of gibraltar (from tangier, morocco) ^
^ a moroccan camel ^
^ plaza de espana (barcelona, spain) || la sagrada familia (barcelona, spain) ^

this maybe wasn't quite what my mother had in mind when she requested i "please remember to get pictures with me in them, too, to balance out the abundance of scenic ones!" but i've gotta admit, i sure am glad i have these quirky, hardly-flattering-yet-rather-characteristic photos of myself on some of my most memorable days in europe. checking cities and experiences off of my bucket list one selfie at a time!

rachel's random rules for nailing selfies with must-sees:
1. it's all about the angle. forget the selfie sticks and get creative with your camera-tilting, head-tilting, entire-body-tilting... hey, it can be hard to get an appropriate balance between your face and the famous monument at hand. hard, but not entirely impossible. accept and embrace the challenge.
2. get excited. FACIALS. even if you're feeling a little underwhelmed by the sight of the colosseum and the scaffolding surrounding 65% of it, use your angles  and facials  to work it for a decent photo. my go-tos: the over-excited open mouth laughsmile and the smize.
3. fearless = flawless. feel awkward taking a selfie with an inanimate eiffel tower situated an entire three blocks behind you? who cares! set free your inner tourist. pull that big map out of your fanny pack while you're at it! you're there to see and experience those things, so make the most of your time and leave with no sad travelly tourist regrets. 

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  1. Hey Rachel! I don't think I've commented over here yet, but I just wanted to say that I adore your writing style! I'm a friend of Hannah Sandersfeld's and stumbled upon your lovely blog after seeing the pictures she took of you and your sisters. :) I was able to go down to South America for the first time last year and again this year and, man, your blog has been super inspiring with pressing on with learning Spanish, packing tips, etc. Thanks so much and have a fantastic rest of the week!