- my poor little tyranno-taurus rex/doris the taurus/"blink" recently collapsed roadside which landed her a month-long stay in the car hospital. meanwhile, we four ladies of the house have been rendered uni-car-ed. while i love running the family carpool, i'm ready to have my car back.
- i bowled a 37 at my mom's birthday party. a 37. for most people of anywhere from "barely there" to "above average" levels of athleticism, it would probably be impossible for them to get a score that low if they tried. and then there's me. the sad thing? i was trying. really trying. and all i have to show from it are 37 points and sore bum muscles (which really complicates things considering you bowl with your ARMS).
- to add to my list of weakling injuries: along with the return of my work-induced bicipital tendonitis (i can hardly say that with a straight face) i have developed carpal tunnel in my left thumb? pass me the knitting needles, i'm officially 80. (no, wait, that would aggravate the carpal tunnel). 

- my family kindly rewarded me with "most improved bowler" after i stepped up my game and achieved a 64 in round two. while still in last place, i almost doubled my score! and lessened the gap! i rewarded myself with a heaping pile of breaded mushrooms and cauliflower. bowling alley, this bouquet of orchids is for you!
- reason for a night out at the bowling alley: we celebrated my mom's birthday over the weekend! we baked, bowled, indulged in greasy bowling alley food, braved the blizzard together, and watched the super bowl (commercials). we sure love a good excuse for a weekend-long celebration! happy birthday mama!
- harry potter and the goblet of fire. it's a goal of mine to some day finish the harry potter series. this urge is less out of actual interest in the story (it's good, it is, don't get me wrong! but i wouldn't necessarily call it gripping) and more as a result of societal pressure to not be the only human being on planet earth that hasn't read the books or seen the movies. i want to be able to understand and sympathize with the harry potter memes and lord voldemort twitter account, okay! i'm on book 4 and am really enjoying the turn it's taken.
- my latest fix: starbucks's pike's place blend with a mega-dose of half and half. keeps my heart warm, my body energized, and my wallet a bit plumper as i try and avoid the daily $5 spruced-up store-bought latte.
- my sisters' crazy busy schedules keep things pretty entertaining around here. i have no idea how i ever juggled so many commitments in high school (college is a beautiful thing) and i commend them for handling it with such responsibility and ease. in the last couple of weeks, they both made it to state speech (contest is this weekend!) and michelle made one of her life-long dreams a reality when she auditioned for america's got talent in chicago. they may be my little sisters but they're my biggest inspirations.

which parts of your week deserve onions and orchids? 

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